Easy Guitar Songs for Beginners

What is a Melody?


In this set of video lessons we are going to learn how to play melodies on the guitar and how to read the musical notation that allows us to play those melodies.

So what is a melody? A melody is several individual notes strung together one after another, to create a musical phrase. For example, twinkle twinkle little star, is a perfect example of an easy guitar song for beginners. It is a series of notes strung together to form a melody.

To begin, let’s make sure that we are in the correct guitar playing position for these beginner songs, and ready to start making music. With your left hand, we are going to be using the one-finger per fret rule. Some notes will be played with fretted strings, some with open strings. If the note is in the first fret, I will use my index finger. If the note is in the second fret, I’ll use my middle finger. And if the note is in the third fret, I’ll use my ring finger. So before you begin playing any easy guitar song, just make sure that your hands and fingers are in the right place, and that your thumb is resting somewhere close to the second fret, in order to provide good counter-pressure.

For your right hand, you want to make sure you are using a pick to be able to grab these strings one at a time. And at this point, we will use all down strokes, just to keep it simple for the beginner guitar songs.

Both hands have some job to do here in making the melody, so it is important to keep in mind your right and left hand coordination. Your left hand is making the note, while your right hand is actually plucking the note so we can hear it.

As we work through these melodies, you want to make sure that the quality of your notes are good and clear, and that you have good tone with your notes. You have several tools in your toolbox to help with this. Positioning in the fret, proper pressure, and keeping your fingernails not too long are all important to being able to play easy guitar songs for beginners.