Guitar Chords for Beginners

Let’s Learn to Play Guitar Chords!


In this set of lessons we are going to learn how to make some simple beginner guitar chords, and actually play some songs!

Let’s first talk about what is meant by the word chord. Previously, we have learned about playing single notes, which is the plucking of a string to create one sound/tone (whether it’s an open string or a fretted string).

A guitar chord is when we play a minimum of three distinctly different notes all at the same time. If you play three notes at the same time and they harmonize, that makes a guitar chord for beginners. Let’s take a closer look at how to do that and how it works.

We are going to start making chords with what are called “simple chords”. To do this, we are going to be not using the lowest three strings of the guitar (just pretend they’re not there) in order to simplify the playing field.

With your pick, you will only be using those highest three strings. We will be mixing it up a little bit by adding a fretted note here or there to change exactly what those three notes are. As we do that, each beginner guitar chord will have a different sounds. Then we will start putting them together to make songs!

In the following lessons, we will learn our very first simple guitar chord. You can also refer to these very handy guitar chord charts at any time to help you learn all of the chords.