How to Strum a Guitar

Intro to Timing and Rhythm in Music


In this set of lessons, we are going to learn a lot more about timing and how timing works in music. Specifically, we are going to work on applying what we have learned about playing the guitar to be able to learn how to strum a guitar.

So let’s talk a little bit about timing in music and how it works. Specifically, 4/4 time, which is what we have been working in for this entire easy guitar system course. Let’s talk about what that means: All songs take place over a period of time. The stretch of time between the moment a song begins and when it ends, isn’t just chaos, it’s broken into metered time. Those units of time are called measures.

When we have strummed a measure of music, we have done a base note and a strum, and a base note and a strum; that is the pattern. There are four events happening in that measure, hence the 4/4 time.